Romantic Couple's Massage at Prairieside Suites

Our dedicated, private massage room provides for an intimate couple's massage experience. Feel your stress melt away as you enter this warm & nurturing massage environment. Slip under the sheets and prepare to be pampered with our soft massage beds, soft lighting, and soothing music - as you drift away for your total body massage experience.

Massage Appointment Scheduling

Massages are scheduled and offered every day of the week at Prairieside Suites. The first appointment is offered at 11:30 AM with our last massage appointment available at 7:30 PM. We request two days notice in advance of your reservation to ensure availability and scheduling with our highly sought-after Certified Massage Therapists. All massage services are bookable online. Your preferred service day/time will be requested during your online reservation.

Massage Therapists

All of our professional therapists are trained to provide you with a wonderful, memorable, and relaxing massage experience. To personalize your service, our female Certified Massage Therapists will ask what type of pressure you prefer.


This is our most popular massage for a memorable and relaxing side-by-side couples experience. Our Swedish Massage for Couples is a heavenly, full-body massage, focused on muscle relaxation and loosening up stress areas. Our massage therapists will customize pressure for each of you.

  • $190.00 per couple for 60 minutes [or $100.00 for one person]
  • $290.00 per couple for 90 minutes


A special, gentle massage for the mom-to-be. We give extra care and extra pillows - all essential for a relaxing Pregnancy Massage experience. This massage will help ease any pain in the feet, lower back, shoulders and neck.

  • $100.00 for 60 minutes

A Pregnancy Massage may be substituted as part of any couples massage.


This Aromatherapy massage highlights ten special essential oils and provides a multi-sensory experience during your soothing massage. Our Renewal Raindrop Massage for Couples is a concentrated back and foot massage that is beneficial to those who have chronic back pain or soreness. This is sure to help ease tension and tightness. Close your eyes and enjoy the the wonderful aroma while hot towels are applied to your back and feet during your massage.

  • $290.00 per couple for 60 minutes
  • $390.00 per couple for 90 minutes


The Hot Stone Massage for Couples is a therapeutic massage promising to relieve tension and loosen your muscles while encouraging deep relaxation. The heat from the stones is sure to provide an intense muscle renewal experience.

  • $290.00 per couple for 60 minutes
  • $390.00 per couple for 90 minutes

*If one person wants a Hot Stone Massage and one wants a Renewal Raindrop Massage, we can interchange at no extra charge.