The Benefits of a “Staycation”

The popularity of staycations has increased significantly in recent years. The idea of staycations is that, instead of travelling to far off lands for your vacation, you stay in a hotel nearby to your home and enjoy your town as if you were a tourist. While this might not appeal to the “exotic” nature we look for in our holidays, staycations have a number of benefits that make them an attractive proposition for couples.


They’re Cheaper

The number of people taking staycations rocketed after the economic crisis as people looked for innovative ways to save money without compromising their lifestyle. Staycations are more cost-effective because so many expenses are cut – there’s no need to book a flight, travel to and from airports, or spend money on expensive meals because you don’t know where the reasonably priced food is in town. A staycation involves a short journey across town, giving you more money to treat yourself to visit Grand Rapids’ attractions.

The simple act of travelling across country or internationally can take up a day or more, depending on where you’re travelling to. And because the journey takes time, you typically need to spend a week or so there to make it worthwhile, meaning you’re losing money from work or using up your precious vacation days. With a staycation, there is no travel time – you can even fit your vacation into the weekend if time is short; taking shorter vacations has one other advantage, too – you can afford to take them more often!


No Preparation Time

Preparing for a vacation can cause enough stress to make you need a vacation. You need to sort out travel insurance, travel to the airport, travel money – and that you’re getting a good rate – along with all the other little things that must be done before leaving your house (which can also be a cause of stress; did you lock the front door?). With a staycation, you can just arrive home from work, throw some of your favorite clothes into a travel bag and make the short journey to your hotel, relaxed, refreshed, and ready to hit the town with a fresh pair of eyes.


They’re Environmentally Friendly

Everybody wishes they could do more to help protect the environment. Vacations, as fun as they may be, often leave a significant carbon footprint in their wake. However, a staycation does help the environment – there’s no flying involved, they’re for shorter periods of time, and you’re more likely to ditch the car and use eco-friendly ways of getting around.

You’ll Appreciate Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a great city, but as with everything else in life, that fact can often be overlooked when it’s so familiar. But when your mission in town is to solely have fun, without a care or worry in the world about the usual daily grind, you’ll appreciate all it offers and more, and see why it attracts tourists in the first place. I bet it’s been a while since you went to see Grand Rapids Symphony, or really took the time to stroll through Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park; you can visit them, have fun, and really enjoy all the great attractions that Grand Rapids offers.




Support the Local Economy

A trickle down benefit of staycations is that it helps pump money into the local economy that would otherwise go elsewhere. A thriving Grand Rapids is good for everybody concerned – your neighbors, your friends, and the city at large. If you get to have a fantastic weekend in the city you love and help local businesses and the community, then what could be better than that?

A Relaxing Staycation

Perhaps the best reason to take a staycation is that you get to enjoy all the benefits of a regular vacation without any of the drawbacks; you won’t be waiting for your bags at the airport, you won’t get in late and still have to drive home, and you won’t get lost (hopefully!). Instead, you get to indulge in the luxuriousness of your Prairieside Suites guest room and spend your cash on the very best that money in Grand Rapids can buy. At the end of it, you get to make a short journey home completely refreshed after a great weekend.

Contributor: Susie Mayfield