Luxury Bed & Breakfast

Luxury Bed & Breakfast

Prairieside Suites, Michigan’s Town & Country Inns

Prairieside Suites was honored to be featured in “Michigan’s Town & Country Inns” By Susan Newhof

“So you’d like to get away.

And you want someplace private, where you’ll feel pampered and relaxed.

You might even hope to feel like you just landed in another part of the world-the French Riviera, for example, or Tuscany. Perhaps a hip loft in the Big Apple is more to your liking?

And let me guess. You want this treat beause you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, an engagement or an empty nest, or you just want a little romantic time together because gas was $1.29 a gallon the last time you went away without the children. You deserve it. And you only have a few days because your kids or your parents or your jobs really do need you, so if this magical place could be close to home, that would be even better.

Well you’re not alone. There’s a growing trend among vacationers to seek a getaway that’s not far away.

Cheri and Paul Antozak have created an amazing bed and breakfast located just a few minutes from shopping, movie theaters, restaurants and downtown Grand Rapids, and 20 minutes from Lake Michigan. ‘Many of our guests just can’t get away for a week or two, but they can take a few days to come here to celebrate, relax, retreat and indulge themselves,’ says Cheri. ‘We offer a quiet haven to escape from the world, renew your energy and rekindle your relationship.’

Cheri is a certified kitchen and bathroom designer and a licensed builder, and she’s on the Michigan register of interior designers. Paul is a licensed builder and remodeling contractor. Since 1986 their ‘real’ jobs have been remodeling homes through their company, Interiors by Cheri.

‘I have had the opportunity to travel and stay in some of the best hotels around the country,’ says Cheri, who went on a mission to create the perfect guest suite. ‘As a designer, I can’t help but analyze how any room can be made even better. I want our guests to feel instantly comfortable because we’ve anticipated their needs. Paul and I are design professionals who are in love and in business. That set the perfect stage for creating a romantic bed and breakfast!’

They bought three houses on a corner in Grandville, including a 1920s Dutch colonial, which serves as the hub of the inn, and opened for guests in 2002. There are five rooms in the main home and three in the Prairie Annex house next door. And they are dreamy rooms. Each has a king-size bed with designer linens, a whirlpool tub for two, a table for two, an electric fireplace, an electric towel warmer and a private bath. You’ll also find a delightful beverage center with everything you need to make coffee or cocoa, plus an ecofriendly wine chiller, a corkscrew and bottle stopper, silverware, plates, a cheese slicer, glasses, a refrigerator and so much more. Each room also has a flat-screen TV plus a DVD and VCR player, and there is a huge library of movies and music for guests to borrow. Oh yes, when the weather turns cold, there is a little plug you can attach to the toilet seat so it’s warmed. Some rooms also have jetted showers, warmed tile floors and mirror defoggers in the bathroom.

The rooms have been buffered for sound with exceptionally thick walls and floors and special sound-proofing materials. You won’t hear so much as the sound of a cabinet door slamming in your own room because they have special soft closures. Two of the rooms are on the lower level of the main home, which many guests prefer because of the complete sense of calming, away-from-it-all privacy they offer.

Each room has a theme taken from a special place somewhere around the world. Southern Mansion, just off the dining room, drew me in immediately. Its built-in whirlpool tub is anchored by four fluted columns and lit by a sparkling chandelier. French Riviera has handsome, built-in, dark wood cabinetry, which sets off the classic blue and white French country bedcovers and a canopy bed with brushed nickel finish. I also love New York Loft with its contemporary lines, striking cafe’ au lait walls and walk-in shower. The Loft is on the second floor and has several large windows, so Cheri gives you the option of enjoying that natural light or opting for privacy with room-darkening roman shades.

The grounds around and between the two buildings are landscaped with perennials, fragrant roses and lush hydrangeas. There is also a small terraced garden, which was overflowing with ripe tomatoes when I visited in September. And you can take in all the loveliness while you unwind on the double glider in the pergola or relax by the swimming pool.

Cheri offers three options for breakfast so you can choose what best suits you. A full, hot, plated breakfast is served at 9:30 am in the dining room of the main home, where you’re likely to enjoy the company of other guests. For an extra charge, you can have it delivered to your room instead, and it will arrive around 10:00 am. You can also opt for a continental breakfast, which will be set up in your refrigerator before you arrive so you can eat it anytime. When you reserve a room, you’ll get a confirmation that asks your breakfast preference, plus a checklist for foods – from gluten and dairy to mushrooms and meat – that you don’t eat. It’s thoughtful and thorough.

The central room of the main house is a combination sitting room and spotless, open kitchen with bar chairs at the counter. If you’re an early riser and you plan to join other guests for breakfast in the dining room feel free to arrive early, pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a chat with the cook!

If you want to make your stay even more memorable, check the website for all the special options you can add, from flowers and massage for two to chocolates, movie tickets and even hot pizza on arrival. Cheri and Paul have thought of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

While Prairieside Suites provies abundant amenities for a romantic retreat, it’s also a favorite destination for business travelers who want to rest and recharge while on the road. The neighborhood is solidly suburban, and it’s just a couple of blocks from Grandville’s main street. The elementary school is across the street, the police station is one block over, and the library is a bit beyond that. A popular bike and walking trail nearby runs through town and connects to miles of trails across the state