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Luxury Bed & Breakfast

Laughfest is a Roaring Good Time in Grand Rapids

This 4-day virtual festival runs March 11, 12, 13 & 14 includes stand-up comedy, improv, music, dance, speakers, showcases (featuring professionals, amateurs and everything in between) and much more. Gilda’s LaughFest is a unique exciting broadcast brought directly to West Michigan homes and has all kinds of seriously funny stuff, so there is sure to be something for everyone!  See the full schedule .

The comedy shows range from family friendly to clean adult humor to more on the racy side. No matter what your sense of humor is, you’re sure to find something to fit your tastes!  Every year LaughFest has had both well-known comics and local up-and-comers. Previous LaughFest headliners have included hilarious stars like Betty White, Jay Leno and Wayne Brady.

While we know laughter is good for you, 100% of the proceeds benefit the free cancer, grief
and emotional health support programs offered through Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids for children, adults, families and friends of those fighting cancer. So LaughFest is also for a good cause.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gilda’s Club has shifted our programs into a virtual Clubhouse, ensuring that no one has to face cancer or grief alone – even when not able to physically be together.  Gilda’s LaughFest is what our community needs coming out of a dark Michigan winter, more than perhaps ever before. Our goal is to retain the spirit and community impact of the festival, ensuring continued net proceeds for our critical Gilda’s Club program and providing a unique celebration of Gilda’s Club’s 20th year of operations in 2021.

But LaughFest isn’t just about sitting around and watching shows that make you laugh. The organizers of LaughFest have also turned it into a physical experience with activities like Laughter Yoga, a FUNderwear 5K (where participants run in their finest underwear), and The Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge (an Amazing Race type adventure).

There are even a variety of kid-centric events on tap every year! Super Saturday Kids Zone is a kids’ carnival with inflatable games, mini-golf, laser tag, and special guests. During LaughFest there is even a chance for kids to become standup comedians themselves: several local libraries host childrens’ comedy nights, where kids can sign up to deliver their best jokes.

March is the perfect time to visit Grand Rapids and be part of this fun and laughter-filled festival! Check out the LaughFest website and calendar and find out what events interest you. While Laugh-Fest is a hilarious event, it also stands for a cause worth supporting. The purpose of LaughFest is “to honor laughter as an essential part of emotional health and well-being,” and it’s also a great way to raise awareness and funds to help support Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids in their efforts to encourage children, adults, friends, and families facing cancer.

Interested in seeing the comedic side of West Michigan but can’t make it out for LaughFest this year? Dr. Grins is a great opportunity to experience great comedic theatre year round! Located at the B.O.B., Dr. Grins promises a “hilarious and unpredictable night out on the town” in the heart of Grand Rapids. Interested? Show times are Thu: 9pm, Fri: 8pm & 10:30pm, Sat: 5:30pm, 8pm & 10:30pm.

The laughter found in West Michigan is certain to rejuvenate your mind! To rejuvenate your body and soul while you’re visiting, be sure to stay at Prairieside Suites. Our luxury suites, all with over-sized two person whirlpool tubs, are sure to be the perfect accommodations for this event. Book your stay today!