Gardening Tips from Cheri of Prairieside Suites



These beautiful flowers are Stella DeOra day lilies. They will bloom off and on all summer with a little tender loving care. Many people do not realize how appropriate the name of the day lily is, however; the flowers are actually only designed to last one day! At the end of the day, you should snap the open flower off at the end of the stem. This can be hard to do, I know, like saying goodbye to a beautiful friend. But please trust me on this! If you leave the flower attached to the stem it will be dead when you look for it tomorrow anyway.

If you don’t invest this level of maintenance, a pod will form where the

flower was that will grow bigger and bigger–robbing the plant of its energy to produce great blooms. Instead of the flowers adding to the beauty of your garden all summer, you will have an unattractive collection of these large pods. Like so many things in life, a little maintenance makes all the difference. If you take the time to care for your day lilies now by snapping those flowers off the stems at the end of each day, you can keep the flowers blooming all summer long.

We’d love to have you join us at Prairieside Suites luxury bed and breakfast and experience all our beautiful flowers in bloom for yourself. Wander through and discover the joy of our beautiful garden or relax in the hammock under our 300-year-old oak tree. Create your own perfect stay by taking advantage of one our “Sizzling Summer Specials.”

And don’t forget to pack your swim suit! You can relax in our heated outdoor pool with waterfall or snuggle with your sweetheart while enjoying a swing on our romantic double glider in our pergola. Then dash off to dinner at one of the many area restaurants only three minutes away surrounding Rivertown Crossings Mall. After dinner stop by the mall and check out all the stores with summer clearance sales. Set aside your hectic schedule and think of this as your home away from home.
Come, experience my world!