A Charming Couple: Karl and Marie

Karl and Marie have been adopted by the Prairieside staff as relatives to all of us BECAUSE they come and visit us for their birthdays and anniversary whenever possible. They are very special for so many reasons! Number one…what can you say about a couple who’s anniversary is on the 4th of July? How about—they have “sparkling” personalities that are remarkable and memorable! Every occasion with them is a treat, and often includes a birthday cake! Here is Marie with Karl, celebrating her 82nd birthday with a special cake that had a picture that was taken at her grand daughters wedding.

We celebrated Karl’s last birthday with a big chocolate cake and we even had a rose for Marie [we couldn’t leave her out of the fun]! While they were here, Marie talked about how she missed being able to wear pierced earrings so I found a place nearby that could re-pierce her ears for her. She is delighted to be wearing pierced earrings again and grateful that I made it easy for her to have this done.

Paul and I feel truly blessed to be able to provide the perfect setting for our guests to celebrate any special occasion. Marie says “We always enjoy coming to Prairieside Suites B&B, it’s OUR home away from home.” The funny coincidence is that Marie & Karl live in Ionia Michigan on Washington Street and we live on Washington Ave. No wonder they feel like they’re at home? I always look forward to having them come and when they’re here we go to lunch with my daughter and grandchildren! Our little guys know that Mr. Karl always has tootsie rolls in his pocket to share with ALL of us! Marie & Karl enjoy each other and traveling as you can see in their picture below.

Do you need a break from every day life? A time to relax and rejuvenate? Let us help you plan YOUR perfect get away. We understand that you have many choices of places where you can STAY, but when you’re here with us our goal is to deliver an EXPERIENCE and create a lasting memory! Many of our guests are here so they can unplug, turn off their cells phones, rest, watch movies, enjoy their jacuzzi tubs and just stay in their room to relax and reconnect with each other. We’ll even bring breakfast to your room if you like! Or, we’re happy to give suggestions and help you explore Grandville and see what the nearby towns have to offer. Grand Rapids is just a few minutes up the road and Holland, MI a beautiful lakeshore community, is about 2o minutes away.

Come experience my world. Cheri Antozak is the designer and Innkeeper of Prairieside Suites Luxury B&B, Grandville, MI.