Centerpiece Floral Arranging

One of my favorite things is to take a walk in my gardens and imagine the floral arrangement I can make for our guests to enjoy at the breakfast table. Seasonal changes provide exceptional opportunities to create new floral combinations. As I search the gardens, I’m driven by the joy I believe the flowers will give our guests while they eat and visit with one another. I look for opportunities to prune and reshape the plants and bushes while I create the arrangement.


My inspiration for this pictured floral arrangement that recently graced the breakfast table came when I noticed a branch on a rose bush that was lurching out into the path. I decided to use that branching rose as the central focus of the arrangement, pruning the bush in the process and giving the arrangement its height. Next I looked for hosta leaves I thought would be perfect for fanning around the lowest portion of the floral arrangement. I then used white Asiatic lilies to accent, trimming the center so as not to shed the yellow pollen on the fine white linen tablecloth that graces our dining table for guests. Finally, I completed the arrangement with hydrangeas from two different sides of the yard so I could have both blue and pink blossoms from the differing acidity levels of the soil. With the finished floral arrangement in place, all we need to complete this picture is breakfast and voila!

You have the start of a perfect romantic Michigan get-away! Can you see yourself sitting down to this wonderful breakfast with your sweetheart beside you? What a way to start off your beautiful day. And if you think our breakfast looks good, wait until you see our over-sized whirlpool fireplace suites. You’ll be ready to eat breakfast and then go back to your room for a nap in our luxurious king size beds with luxury linens! Come take advantage of our sizzling summer specials while the gardens are at their peak.

Come, experience my world! Cheri