Best Gift Ideas

I have always loved to entertain and host family events… birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers, or family reunions. You name it and I have hosted it! Now that we have Prairieside Suites Luxury Bed & Breakfast [Grand Rapids, MI] we have plenty of opportunity to host special occasions for our guests too, [boy can we keep a secret]! Most of these occasions include gift giving. Like a kid, I am excited to give gifts and want them to be personalized to the recipient. I think about what they enjoy, favorite restaurants, drinks, etc. I feel that it’s a bonus if you can give favorites that are consumable or naturally need replacing over time [they are even more appreciated]. Even if you have someone who is hard to buy for, you can’t go wrong with this list of gifts that are proven winners. 1. Gourmet coffees with a personal coffee cup or gift certificate to a coffee house 2. Nuts-pistachios, cashews, smoked almonds, mixed nuts…a great man or hostess gift! 3. Teacup with variety of herbal or Chai Tea’s, don’t forget the honey 4. Homemade cocoa mix in a pretty jar with a candy cane to stir with 5. Bottle of sparkling cider, wine or 6 pack of favorite beer 6. A subscription to Netflix… instant streaming is wonderful if they have the capability. 7. Disposable cameras [a great hostess gift] pass around so each guest takes a picture 8. Basket filled with deli cheese, fruit, olives and crackers 9. Fancy chocolate bars or homemade fudge tied with a ribbon 10. Pretty basket filled with homemade jams, a fresh loaf of bread, wrapped with a dish towel 11. Gardening gloves with a plant or planting tools 12. Homemade cookies or cookie mix with instructions for baking 13. Special coffee cup filled with candy or lottery tickets 14. A bottle of real maple syrup with a pancake mix 15. Movie theater gift certificates, along with candy to enjoy during the movie 16. Set of dish towels, dish cloths & Hot Pads 17. Basket filled with kitchen gadgets, an Oven glove & some favorite recipes 18. Gift Certificate to a techie store [great for teenager and men] OR Amazon gift certificates… they even electronically deliver right up until Christmas!!! 19. Puzzles, your favorite game and mind teasers [fun at a party] 20. Wonderful socks or slippers [so cozy] 21. Jewelry [always picks up the spirit] 22. A variety of gift cards to their favorite places to eat lunch 23. For someone unemployed…Gift Certificate to a Gas station 24. For the reader in the family…Gift Certificate to a book store OR buy them a Kindle. Then you can send books as future gifts. Or a subscription to a favorite magazine. 25. For someone who’s tight on money…Gift Certificate to where they get their hair cut 26. For the elderly…Gift Certificate to where they buy groceries or to their pharmacy 27. For the cook…sneak a peek at their non stick fry pan or 9×13 pan [it may need replacing] 28. For your sweetheart…a gift certificate to a Bed and breakfast. [At breakfast our guest often talk about how they surprised their sweetie]. 29. For a sick friend…Soup, cough & flu remedies, movie, magazine, box of Kleenex, chocolate bar [hey you never know what will work]? 30. For yourself…the gift of rest & relaxation. Exchange weekend childcare with a friend, it won’t cost anything and you can both have a romantic get away. Bring someone special and fall in love all over again by experiencing one of our luxurious two person whirlpool suites with all season fireplace and king size bed. Come experience my world! Cheri Antozak is the owner, Innkeeper & Designer of Prairieside Suites Luxury Bed and Breakfast, Grandville, MI