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Beer City USA Part One

There is a reason that Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo have been named as two of the top ten vacation destinations for beer lovers. For the second year in a row, Grand Rapids was named “Beer City USA” in an online poll. Grand Rapids took more than 27,000 of the 50,000 votes cast, nearby Kalamazoo came in second with over 16,000 votes. With 15 operating breweries in Grand Rapids, another half dozen in the surrounding lake shore area, and even more in the planning stages it’s easy to understand why.

Founders Brewing Company is just one of the establishments in town that helped to make Grand Rapids “Beer City USA”. named Founders the third best brewery in the world, brewing two of the top 50 craft beers the world. Rated the #3 beer bar on Earth by Beer Advocate Magazine, Hop Cat is another local favorite (and speaking from personal experience, their Crack Fries are not to be missed). In 2012, Midwest Living called Brewery Vivant one of the top 25 new places to stay, eat, or play. These are just a few of the really great breweries in the area that make Grand Rapids such a popular destination for people who truly love a good craft beer.

With all this acclaim, beer related events have become very popular around town. Beer Romp (usually held in mid-October) is the perfect event to participate in to sample some great local beers and delicious food (the aforementioned Crack Fries at Hop Cat are just one of offerings on the menu). A self guided tour through great downtown streets, for $40 you get the chance to visit a handful of great Grand Rapids Breweries and other local restaurants that serve craft beers from various Michigan breweries. Not only will you get to tour one of the most beautiful cities on foot, sample delicious food, and enjoy some great craft beers, but a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Kids Food Basket which serves hungry children in West Michigan. Plus Beer Romp has a variety of ways to follow the tour, from those who are in it for the beer, those who love the food, and even those who want the biggest calories burn way to get from location to location.

No matter what way you chose to do the tour, the best way to finish off your evening is with a stay at Prairieside Suites. Great beer, great food, great town and top it off with luxury accommodations. How better to top off a great beer tour than with a nice relaxing soak in one of our two person Jacuzzi tubs, followed by slipping into one of our comfy king sized beds. The best in local craft beers, followed by the best in local places to stay. And in the morning you’ll wake up to more delicious food that is served up every day in our bed and breakfast. Check out Beer Romp and make a memorable weekend out of it by booking your stay at Prairieside Suites Luxury Bed & Breakfast.