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Do You Have A Messy Desk?

Do you love a clean desk but seldom have one? Setting up an easy to use organizational environment where everything has a place and is in its place is "the key" to managing papers. This way you know exactly where to put every item you touch AND you can make a practice of touching every item ONLY once! This is also vital for time management- practicing efficiency and being able to find things quickly when they're needed. What do you think… is this worth trying?

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Everyone has a place at home that collects the mail, calendar, bills, school papers, coupons for the grocery store, coupons for restaurants, etc. I want your space to be clean and clear for you because your time is precious. You don't want to spend an hour clearing your desk or trying to find something instead of using that time to accomplish your work. Our goal is to recreate a space that is inviting and nurturing.

First lets set up your desk so that it looks like something your proud of. Start by removing everything from your desk top [use the floor to lay things out before filing]. Lets start by adding to your desk a picture of your family, 1 or 3 candles, your computer, an eye glass holder if needed. Now if you have a drawer put pens, highlighters, stapler, white out, candle lighter, etc. in a drawer and out of sight. If you don't have a drawer then add a desk top organizer to your list for your next visit to the office supply store.

Next, lets start setting up a hanging file system. This can be an actual desk file drawer or a plastic hanging file crate that stores in a closet, on a cabinet shelf or on the floor under your desk. Start by making up the following file folders: Buy a daily file index labeled 1-31, which also contains a January-December index. The 1-31 represents the dates on your monthly calendar. Insert this into a 3" box bottom folder. When you open your mail or the children bring home school invitations write down the events on your calendar [wedding, church function, school science far, etc.] and file the invitation under the appropriate date. It's always a good idea to print a map now to go with the invitation; that way if you're running late you have everything at your finger tips and ready to go.

Make a folder for each of your children with their names as the tab. Children are always leaving their papers and homework around the house, when you find it file it under their name. They'll quickly learn WHERE to look for stuff they lost. Make a folder labeled "Restaurant Coupons" and one for "Grocery Store Coupons". Make one for "Bills to Pay" and one for "Paid Bills". At the office supply store "MEAD" makes a folder that has a tab for every month [January through December]. Pay your bills and file them by the month for easy future reference. Keep a notebook in a folder labeled "Receipts of Purchases". When you purchase clothes, shoes, household good, etc. tape the receipt into the notebook starting at the back and working your way forward. This way your most current receipts are always in front and easy to find in case you want to return anything for a full refund.

Use another 3" box bottom folder for "Warranty Information". Each time you purchase a major appliance or household item [Stove, Camera, TV, couch, etc.] make a folder for it. Take any booklet it came with, write the model & serial number on it, tape the receipt on the inside cover and write the purchase date on the outside with store name you purchased from. This way you can easily find and follow up with this in the future if needed. Now that you've accomplished that task, you can take a walk outside, breathe the fresh air, maybe smell some flowers. And relax because when you get back, you'll have a nice, clean desk waiting for you! Whether you live in the area or are visiting, there are many great places to take in the outdoors. One great place to visit this time of year is Robinette's Orchard and Apple Haus which has wonderful baked goods, a deli and picnic area, and even a winery! For the sports enthusiast, a Grand Rapids Griffins hockey game is always a fun event!

Come, experience my world! Cheri

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