One can never have too many purses or shoes. But an abundance of shoes and purses can also be overwhelming if not stored properly. I want to share my solution to this problem with you so that you can enjoy your accessories as much as I do mine! I have always had a weight problem but quickly realized that shoes & purses always fit. This is when the buying began! I also love color and coordinating my shoes and purse with my outfit. These two traits combined have found me with a plethora of shoes and purses for each season, in many different styles and colors. Here is the solution to my organizing conundrum: First, you will need to clear a deep shelf in your closet and line your purses on the floor in rows- one for colder seasons and one for warmer seasons. Now start grabbing shoes and put them inside the coordinating purse. 

Then, put the shoe-stuffed purses on the shelf with the ones you are using "now" in front. The key to coordinating your purse with your outfits is that you have to make it easy so that it takes 2 minutes. I have a purse organizer and all I do is pick it up and plop it into the next purse. Purses and shoes are great accessories when you can coordinate them with your outfit and even better when it doesn't take a lot of time to do it! When you come to stay at Prairieside Suites, bring your coordinating purse stuffed with matching shoes and get ready to go on the town and have some fun! Currently in the Grandville area is the ongoing ArtPrize Exhibit. ArtPrize has created seven exhibition centers as starting points for exploring the five neighborhoods where art is displayed. These seven exhibition centers are: Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Public Museum, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Women’s City Club, Cathedral Square and Grand Valley State University Pew Campus. For the duration of ArtPrize (through October 10th), admission to places that normally require it is free. Triple bonus- you get to visit the venue, see spectacular art, and it's free! Come, experience my world! Cheri