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3180 Washington Ave. SW

Grandville, Michigan 49418

(616) 538-9442

{Just 6 minutes from Grand Rapids}

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Why Cheri Loves Her Guests

It's always our pleasure to be a part of so many Birthdays, Anniversaries, Honeymoons, Babymoons and many special moments that our guests celebrate while they stay with us.  Every so often I'm delighted to receive a surprise "Thank you" note after a guest returns home after staying with us. I recently received a reservation from a guest who will be staying here for his fourth year in a row.  They'll be celebrating their 43rd Anniversary with us this June. I wanted to share Frank's thank you note that he sent to me back in 2012 & my response to him.


June 15, 2012
Prairieside Suites Bed & Breakfast
3180 Washington Ave. SW
Grandville, Michigan 49418
Attn.     Mr. & Mrs Paul & Cheri Antozak
Re.      A Special Note of our Gratitude
Cheri & Paul,
Kathy and I want to take this opportunity and "Thank You" and your staff for the wonderful stay we experienced at your establishment these past three (3) days (June 11 to June 14, 2012) of this month. Both of you are very warm and friendly people with open personalities that make you very genuine that everyone can come to like and appreciate your skills and talents in the hospitality industry. I truly enjoyed the WIT and BANTER of joking around in conversation with both of you and enjoying laughter without either of you becoming defensive or offended. You have a great thing going and the awards are the testimony of the exceptional service your business is performing in this very tough market place.
We truly appreciated your great hospitality and service besides both of your daily presence during our stay. This may be more than a patron's praise but the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We are actually considering on seeing you again next year. Hopefully this time we will not be with all newly wed couples wondering who the heck is this guy and how long can he be married to her.
May God continue to bless your business, marriage and family besides keeping you healthy to let your hidden gem flourish making guests enjoy lodging happiness.
Your new found friends,
Frank & Kathryn Fon
PS. We gave your establishment a favorable rating on Trip Advisor, because we wanted too. Please do not send us any endorsement fee since we did this recommendation because you deserved the accolades. (My wonderful humor again.)

First-Thank you for choosing to spend your anniversary with us again next year (I saw your new reservation come in).  We will be looking forward to seeing you…in a blink (you know how time flies).

Second-I love that picture!  I printed one and put it in with your reservation.

Third-You leave me speechless with your lovely note (Paul says he didn't know that could be done! :-o ) I will share it with our hardworking staff as inspiration that guests DO NOTICE that they care and do such a great job.

Forth-May I post your note as a review on &  They'll send you an email for confirm that it came from you.

AND Fifth…last but not least THANK YOU THE MOST FOR THE BLESSING BECAUSE LORD KNOWS I CAN USE IT!!!  (my wonderful humor back at ya Frank).

Cheri & Paul




















Prairieside Suites: A High Tech Bed & Breakfast

Is there really such a thing as a “High Tech” bed and breakfast? Mmmm . . . “high tech” AND “bed & breakfast” do they really go together?Prairieside Suites Luxury Bed & Breakfast, in Grandville, Michigan is an 11 time award winning B&B that is delighting both veteran and first time B&B goers with ALL the high tech amenities in their beautiful guest suites that are each themed after a different part of the world. 

So whether you’re a High or Low Tech person think about a couple days of R&R in one of our Romantic Spa Rooms . Every room includes a king size bed, an oversized Jacuzzi tub for two that sits in the bedroom (not in a cramped bathroom), a fireplace, large screen TV with DVD player and we have hundreds of movies to borrow. Guests have the added comfort of being able to control the heat or air conditioning in their suite, plus all guest suites have ceiling fans.

Think about this…there aren’t any cold floors in your private bathroom because our tile floors are heated. Bath towels are being gently warmed on heated towel bars. When you step out of one of our European Showers (with body sprays jets) your mirror isn’t all fogged up because it’s heated and YES believe it or NOT all our toilet seats are heated too! But that’s not all. Guests love the convenience of their “IN ROOM” beverage center, containing an electric wine chiller with stemware, mini-refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and dishware. It allows our guests to pack light and enjoy all the conveniences of home. Each room has pop, homemade hot cocoa, Starbucks coffee, tea, and popcorn awaiting your arrival. Plus guests may visit our kitchen for cookies and baked goods anytime day or night. Cheri says, "Our goal was to think of anything our guests may want during their stay, and have it ready so they know we've anticipated their every need". Wow, how does that sound???

We're often told that our guests appreciate having high speed internet everywhere on the property; even outside by the pool. All of our guest suites have lots of outlets and a charging station 30" off the floor (no crawling around looking for outlets). The #1 item that men say they appreciate, isn’t something you can actually see? It’s their privacy! And that is where Prairieside Suites is so different because Cheri is an interior designer and Paul is a licensed builder. Together they have painstakingly created rooms that are not only beautiful but quiet and private because they have double walls between them with a one inch air gap, lots of insulation, sound board, drywall, and solid core doors with seals. This attention to detail can be seen throughout our guest suites. 

Do you wonder what women confide that they're concerned about?    It's will they have enough hot water? Bed and breakfast are generally older vintage homes so this can be a valid concern.  Guests wonder how could there possibly be enough hot water to service all the guest rooms and staff needs? At Prairieside Suites we've made sure that this is not an issue.  Paul created and installed a hot water system that will provide an inexhaustable amount of hot water [using a 125 gallon hot water holding tank & two boilers to heat the water]. We have also added a recirculating pump that keeps the water constantly moving and provides hot water at each faucet immediately. The 100 gallon Jacuzzi tubs in each guest suite fill at a rate of 19 gallons per minute. So in less than 5 minutes you can be enjoying a nice deep, relaxing, hot bath. 

Guests get lots of personal service at Prairieside Suites. Their room is assigned a keyless entry code using the last four numbers of their cell it's easy for them to remember. Upon arrival they can call from their car and be directed to the closest parking spot to their room for quick easy unloading. They can opt for express, over the phone, check-in as well. Guest even have the option of having a breakfast tray delivered to the privacy of their room which has a table for two.  

Are you dreaming of a Romantic Get Away to unplug from your everyday reality? Or maybe you’re looking for a special gift for YOUR special someone and it would be even better if it was a great deal?  Come experience "ALL THIS & MORE" at Prairieside Suites Luxury Bed and Breakfast. We have a terrific “Cyber Monday Deal”. Buy any Sunday between Thanksgiving (11/28/2013) and December 23, 2013 and get your Monday night stay free, bookable online. We’re conveniently located only minutes from Rivertown Crossings Mall, Celebration 20 Screen Movie Theater, lots of restaurants, Osgoods Brewery and only 6 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids.


English Cottage is getting a new extra-deep 2 person Jacuzzi!

A new project is underway, just in time for Valentine's Day booking! Who doesn't love the luxury of an extra-deep 2 person Jacuzzi tub?

We're excited to announce that our English Cottage is in renovation! Here's Paul and plumber Ryan working hard to set the plumbing and platform for the new Jacuzzi staged below. Check back for pictures to see how it comes together – and quickly before Valentine's Day!

February 10, 2012 UPDATE: Construction COMPLETE, Checkout the beautiful new 2-person extra deep jacuzzi and large fireplace in this room!









Cheri shows us furnishings for New York Loft!

Michigan Bed & Breakfast Prairieside Suites in Grandville, Michigan, is in construction on the newest suites – the Santa Barbara Beach House AND the New York Loft! Cheri gives us a sneak peek of the furnishings that are planned for the new suite, the New York Loft.

December 31, 2011 UPDATE: Construction COMPLETE, Checkout the beautiful new New York Loft with 2-person extra deep jacuzzi and large fireplace! Is it the "Best Suite in Grand Rapids?" Come and find out!

Paul Shows Progress in New Suites! Heated Floor is getting prepared — So comfy for your feet!

Luxury Bed & Breakfast Prairieside Suites in Grandville, Michigan, is in construction on the newest suites – the Santa Barbara Beach House AND the New York Loft! Paul talks about what he’s working on with a special sneak peek of the suite’s construction. In this video, Paul shows us the heated floor system, jacuzzi tub deck tilework and other sneak peeks!

New Video of Tilework in 2 New Suites Under Construction!

Watch as Paul shows us the progress in the Santa Barbara Beach House & the New York Loft Suites!

Designer Couple Creates ‘Homespun’ Showroom in “Kitchen and Bath Design News Magazine”

This article was written by Denise Vermeulen and featured in "Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine."

"An Oldie but Goodie" article on the creation of Prairieside Suites [April 2001] Grandville, MI

All across America, the trend toward working at home continues to gain steam. Here in downtown Grandville, Cheri and Paul Antozak have taken the idea to a new level, building both their lives and their businesses around the concept, to considerable success.

Cheri Antozak, CKD, CBD, and her husband, a licensed builder, had no intention of actually moving into the 80-year-old colonial they bought to renovate. The original idea was to create a unique showroom for "Interiors by Cheri," one that would replace their existing showroom, which had been located in a strip mall since 1986. Cheri Antozak says that they wanted to create the "illusion of having it all and daring customers to reach for their dreams."

In their spare time, the Antozaks renovated the 2,800-square-foot main floor of the colonial home over a five-year period. They also purchased and renovated several neighboring apartment buildings for investment purposes during that time. All of the properties purchased had fallen on hard times, and area residents welcomed the renovations. They soon began encouraging the Antozaks to move into the neighborhood.

Living showroom
The idea of a home and showroom rolled into one struck the Antozaks as unique. The pair always seemed to be there in their spare time anyway, completing most of the renovations themselves. So, about a year ago, the Antozaks moved into their new home and showroom permanently.

"People remodel because they want the end result not because they are interested in the nuts and bolts," observes Cheri Antozak, who also has a builder's license. She explains that she doesn't want her customers to feel like they are shopping. Rather, she wants them to feel like a guest in her home, being shown throughout the house. In fact, the Antozaks have all the rooms in which they live open to their customers. "No room is off limits," explains Cheri Antozak.

The showroom/home includes 13 rooms: A living room, library, dining room, office, multi-purpose room that includes laundry facilities, kitchen, four bathrooms and three bedrooms. According to their extensive Web site, which includes a color photo tour of the colonial, "The rooms are connected by doors and hallways, to allow for a smooth, circular tour around the house." Each room is decorated by Cheri Antozak and showcases the various talents of the husband-and-wife team.

Cheri Antozak counts among her talents "the ability to organize and be neat" and a "God-given ability to create beautiful rooms." The planning and design that went into the rooms prove her right. A multi-purpose room includes a laundry center with four roll-out hamper baskets, a gardening area with a pull-out table extension, recycling bins and a craft storage area.

The kitchen includes a sink that is located in front of a pass-through to a well-appointed dining room. A countertop on the dining room side offers extra space for buffets. A china cabinet holds the Antozaks' collection of antique crystal.

The bathrooms are smaller than many of today's more luxurious appointed plans, but they showcase effective utilization of space something many clients appreciate. The Antozaks even included an elaborate hot tub in the master bedroom. The house also features five different painting techniques (with two more in the works).

Artful promotion
While this all-consuming philosophy toward business might be overwhelming for many, this couple thrives on the experience. In fact, Cheri Antozak says that she always tries to have something cooking on the stove or in the oven when customers arrive. "I've greeted more than one customer with an apron on," she says, referring to the cookies, popcorn, bread and chili she's prepared for showroom guests. When appointments arrive at the "Interiors by Cheri" showroom, the Antozaks make sure that the place looks and smells good. They even put on music.

Who are these lucky consumers who arrive on the Antozaks' doorstep, ready to be fed and dazzled? Careful tracking of their consumer base allows Cheri Antozak to be very specific. "We have a medium- to medium-high-end client base," she explains. Customers tend to be couples with two incomes, between the ages of 35 and 65. The majority of her customers are people who own their own businesses.

Mrs. Antozak emphasizes, "We are a small business," explaining that they complete some 12 kitchens and 12 bathrooms annually. They also do a variety of decorating and remodeling projects, and are known for their fearlessness with regard to remodeling old homes. They are likewise known for their willingness to work with the do-it-yourself type customer.

Though the Antozaks used to do home shows and some advertising, they no longer bother, except for a small ad in the Yellow Pages. "Our referrals are almost totally from word of mouth," says Cheri Antozak. While little paid advertising is done, Cheri Antozak does look for opportunities to publicize the unusual showroom she and her husband have created. And, the local media has been quite responsive.

Cheri Antozak is also very active in the Grandville community, having served on the local planning commission and various civic and arts groups. This community service has helped the business, she explains, since "It has put my name in front of lots of people."

The couple also attributes their success to the fact that they typically have control over a whole project. Paul Antozak is able to do most of the renovations and installations, while his wife plans and decorates. In this way, customers find that they get continuity, and the project moves forward nicely. When a project is completed, customers are asked to fill out a survey that is later included in a book used as a sales tool.  Cheri says, "We're here to inspire people to live the life they dream about. We help them break out of their shell, be more creative and be more daring."

Cheri Antozak describes her showroom home as "tasteful, traditional and creative." And, no doubt those who visit her there would agree: "There's no place like home."

In Love and In Business After 30+ Years!

What do a fully renovated 1920s Dutch colonial home, a certified kitchen and bath designer, and a licensed builder have in common? Put them together and they add up to the luxurious Prairieside Suites, an award winning west Michigan bed and breakfast, where owners Cheri and Paul Antozak help guests experience a life of luxury by creating a unique B&B experience.

Cheri, the designer, and Paul, the builder, worked together to make Cheri's dream of owning a "Romantic Bed & Breakfast" a reality opening their doors in April 2002; seven years after the Antozak's purchased this home. The entire home, was renovated to create luxury “spa rooms” out of six individual apartments. The traditional design and luxurious décor exude an atmosphere of warmth and indulgence, inviting guests to relax and forget the stresses of the outside world. As soon as you step through the front door, you are welcomed by smiling faces and hometown hospitality. Cheri says, “guests arrive as strangers and leave feeling like family”.

Luxury guest rooms are at the heart of this nurturing environment. Together, they meticulously created each room as a “one-of-a-kind” LUXURY suite. Each have a theme and decorative style from one our favorite parts of the world, and we love sharing these magnificent rooms with our guests!

Cheri's attention to detail shows in this multi award-winning B&B. These whirlpool & fireplace suites have been published in brochures and national design magazines. She invites you to “step out of your own life briefly and experience something different." Guests tell us that they leave feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. They’re energized and ready to go home and live their best life.

During the summer months, take a dip in the heated pool with waterfall; enjoy the colorful perennial gardens with fountain from the double glider swing in the pergola, or bird watch from a hammock under the shady canopy of the inn's three-hundred-year-old oak tree. In the winter, make popcorn and unwind in the comfort of your room while enjoying a movie from the inn's movie library, featuring over three hundred titles.

"We feel privileged to be able to provide the perfect setting for our guests to celebrate any special occasion," says Cheri. We understand our guest have many choices of places they can STAY, when they’re here with us our goal is to deliver an EXPERIENCE and really build a lasting memory while visiting the Grand Rapids area!

Come experience my world!

Cheri Antozak is the owner, Innkeeper & Designer of Prairieside Suites Luxury Bed and Breakfast, Grandville, MI

Consumer Trends “Room Lifts” over “Major Home Remodels”

I have been a designer & remodeling contractor since 1986.  I love creating intelligent designs that function beautifully.  I am the designer and Innkeeper at “Prairieside Suites” a romantic bed and breakfast near Grand Rapids, MI featuring luxury whirlpool and fireplace suites.

I have lived through quite a few recessions, seen my share of market shifts and experienced dramatic changes in consumer spending.  I like this phase which I’ll call “conscious consumerism” or a return to good old fashioned values.

  1. People are saving money instead of spending it.
  2. When they do spend money, they’re using cash instead of credit.
  3. People are paying down their credit cards and trying to reduce their debt.
  4. They are making an effort to live within their means.  Wow, wouldn’t Grandpa be proud of us, we’re finally getting it!

This change has had a dramatic impact on home remodeling.  Many homeowners are choosing to do “Room Lifts” which are small personalized room upgrades to their homes instead of the major remodels that were routinely done before the recession.   I see a more conscious effort to re-use, re-cycle and re-claim.  Green is in and it starts with re-purposing.  Home remodeling today is more focused on improving our quality of life while we stay in our homes….essentially creating “live-in value”.  We are creating rooms that we can enjoy, guilt free, because we own the investment.  Gosh, that makes perfect sense to me.

Come experience my world!

Cheri Antozak is the owner, Innkeeper & Designer of Prairieside Suites Luxury Bed and Breakfast, Grandville, MI

Baby Birdies at Prairieside!!

There's something irresistible about Prairieside Suites.  Even the birdies found our bed-and-breakfast to be the perfect place to call home and provided a warm greeting for arriving guests! Mama bird made her nest in one of our spiral topiaries just outside our front door.  Check out these sweet babies that Cheri became a second mother to because when they were learning to fly, they would swoop down onto the mat at the front door. Cheri was afraid they were going to get stepped on so she would go outside with a paper plate and use it to scoop them up (so she wouldn't get her scent on them) and put them back in the nest… over and over again.  It takes a village to raise some baby birds!  The audio is not great on this video but the birdies are precious.